Clinton to go Three Terms. After he Declares Martial Law.


Samuel Foster



Clinton is wants three terms and has created a commission run out of the White House to seek and find ways so that he can remain in office. The commission was created in late 1996 and it is their actions that created the bill currently before the legislature that would repeal the 22nd Amendment.

I've also learned that Mr. Clinton and his cronies in the CIA have compiled an "enemies list" that runs nearly ten thousand names, many who've never been closer to knowing the President than watching him on TV. He has computers and agents scanning newspapers, telephone calls, and any Internet traffic that is critical of the President by persons of influence in their respective communities. This includes journalists, investigators, police personnel, teachers, students, and pastors.

Our sources in the NSA confirm the compilation of lists and their systems have been used exclusively by the White House for such covert operations against American Citizens. Once martial law has been declared, those lists will be distributed to Army units under my command for deployment actions.

These are the same lists used by our teams when we invaded Panama and rounded up 62,000 Panamanians and executed them. The men and women on these lists include children as young as 14.


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