Arizona Concentration Camps
New World Order Conspiracy

Revelation 13 Global ID, Imprisonment ... Worse?

Dear Watchers,
This is just a little warning to those in Arizona that want to be prepared. Start preparing now. I personally have seen nine black helicopters flying over Tucson in the last two months. And foreign aircraft (mostly German Tornados) flying into DMAFB. They are also taking out of mothballs military planes that do not fly by wire. (Do they know something they think we don't know?) In addition, the stealth bomber (flying wing) and a huge airplane with a sattelite dish on the back has been flying around for two months now.

Fort Huachuca, which we all suspect is being turned into a concentration camp, is now hosting a nation wide communications excersise that links up the entire United States to a spectacular computerised communications array that they showed on our evening news here in Tucson. Now there are towers going up in Tucson with satellite dishes on them that are not related to any T.V. or radio stations. There is also a white aircraft that stays up for hours flying in circles over Tucson without landing. I saw the same plane on the Discovery channel and it was an unmanned reconnaisance plane. I am not the only one who has seen this.

Also, and this may be nothing, but for some reason a financially strapped City Councel, approved and had built in less than a year, a huge Electric Sports Park (That's what they call it) for several million dollars (I don't have the exact figures). This sports park has the largest lighting system I have ever seen on really tall towers and is located right on the railroad tracks and I-10 less than five miles from DMAFB. In addition, the surrounding buildings for the administration are huge and all of the windows are very narrow vertical rectangles. Believe me, this looks like a prison, fences and all. Now I am not a militia member, or a radical, or paranoid, but I am a native Tucsonan and a Christian mother, and I don't like what I see going on here. Perhaps you could spread this around and let it be known so that no one wakes up uninformed one day and finds out they want to ID chip their kids and put them in labor camps.
Sincerely, A Concerned Mother

P.S. Also, I wanted to let you know that anyone here that wants a driver's licence or ID has to use their SSN and they are fingerprinting all those on welfare and issuing them cards to collect benefits. No more cash or foodstamps, even for those who are disabled and on Social Security. This goes into a national database so they can check if you are recieving benefits in more than one state. This was in the papers and well documented.

They are also drilling and tunneling inside of Mount Lemmon and have blocked off the back side of the mountain that used to be open with " trespassers will be shot " signs. These tunnels are being fitted with corragated metal tubes that are at least thirty feet across. Huge. You could drive a semi through them. They call this drainage. This is Tucson folks. Drain what? We seldom have more than three feet of snow in the dead of winter on top of that mountain, barely enough to keep the streams running in spring. To top it off, now you have to buy passes to go up the mountain to the recreation sites. Your name is required. Something is piling-up up there, and it is definitely not snow.

Here is a response to our posting above, more distressing New World Order evidence in Tucson area 6 -26- 98.

There is more to say about Tucson ... Like those crazy huge lights... they litter the highway system as it runs through greater Tucson. Yes, almost every major highway interchange in the United States now has those crazy huge lights on those crazy hugely tall beams (seen them?) but Tucson has a huge string of them all down the highway ... lighting up the train tracks for over a stretch of five miles.

Also, millons of dollars of seemingly useless highway construction has enabled a stretch of over 10 miles of ghost -town- like highway structures to land themselves directly along the route of the train tracks -- about 5 miles along the highway, where all the lights are, there now exists a huge highway -next-to-a- highway. And even more odd-the infamous "Aviation Highway" which runs from the city of Tucson directly out to Davis - Monthan Air Force Base. The Davis Monthan AFB is in a part of Tucson that is a ghost town itself. The huge "Aviation Highway" serves no logical purpose. But wait, this new, 5-mile long highway (and I do mean like a serious freeway-style major highway) is directly along those same train tracks. Here is the kicker: Along that five mile stretch that runs itself directly into the Air Force Base, there are nice new brown colored chain link fences. On the side of the highway away from the tracks it is a continuous stretch of fence. On the side next to the train tracks the fence has huge sliding gate openings every 50 yards or so, for miles.

What is the purpose of all this in Tucson? I've heard alot of different ideas: typical NWO scenarios, or ... secret preparations for the "Big One" coming to Southen California very soon (mass exodous of survivors to Tuscon). This is the micro event for the coexisting macro event of the total FEMA scenario... Actually, I'm thinking the California Big One (9+), will be the exact event that kicks in the FEMA evil.

Some absolute genius told me this : Get extra food ready, get extra water stored, and buy guns and lots of ammo for those guns. This person said to me "of the of the 260 million of us in the country, half of us have the ability to do the right thing, to stand up agains the wicked. If we all were armed they could not fight us all." Besides, to die in battle against an evil enemy will serve you better than being "relocated." [watcher website does not condone stockpiling ammo for violent reasons, nor even for defending one's stash of supplies in these end times. Those who are destined to be imprisoned, off to prison they go ... and of course Jesus would remind us to love our enemies, so we wouldn't suggest shooting them. - ww]

Back to those huge lights, the reason they are so tall is so you can't see the cameras they hold. It is part of an international surveilance system, that isn't really a secret, yet very few people are aware of it.

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