Subject: Who will Clinton send to his Concentration Canps, What are they used for, Why?

Dear Citizens:

There have been repeated requests for the earlier posts regarding Clinton's 300+ Civilian Concentraton Camps and who will be rounded up and sent to them. Please forgive me if this is repetitious for some of my recipients but maybe you can forward them on to new Patriots you have met since I first sent them out last November.



Subj: Military Inspector for Joint Chiefs of Staff on Civilian Concentration Camps Date: 98-04-18 00:11:27 EDT From: USCMike1


Dear Patriots:

I sent this out 3 times since Nov but the topic seems to keep coming up more and more and I have just received this re-post from And since there are many new Patriots and potential Patriots asking abot it, it is appropriate that I foward this again since I just received it tonight.

This is an interview by Steven Quayle with Mr. "C" a Military Inspector for the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff about the federal government's plans for eliminating undesireable "RESISTERS" and "DISSIDENTS."

Resisters are Gun Owners and Militia members while Dissidents are Christians, Patriots, and Constitutionalists. Remember how I revealed to you all that last year Clinton and Reno have labeled these types of citizens as DOMESTIC Terrorists and "criminals?"

Remember how Clinton will find some excuse to invoke martial law and suspend the U.S. Constitution? You already know how they are trying to eliminate all guns and weapons and totally and completely disarm ALL U.S. Citizens including, later, all the police, national guard, federal military and turn all weapons over to the United Nations.

In essence, once the federal government "uses" the police, national guard, and military to confiscate all guns then they will have the foreign military forces on U.S. soil under United Nations command eliminate all these U.S. law enforcement and military personnel the same way they will the former Gun Owners, Militia, Christians, Patriots, and Constitutionalists.

I already sent out the copy of the little blue booklet published by the U.S. Department of State on their plan for Complete and Total Disarmament of ALL U.S. Citizens in three phases under United Nations control. The United Nations now reveals that they are in the last part of the third phase and the time is right to establish the New World Order beginning Jan. 1, 2000 after their Assembly of the People meeting of 300 leaders world wide.

You have already read my posts on the Civilian Concentration Camps, the permanent slave labor camps, and the eventual planned elimination of two- thirds of the population of the world including the United States.

You have already read my posts on how it will be useless for any Civilian Militias to try to protect themselves and their families and fight against the federal/foreign/U.N. troops because they will NOT be using many guns and bullets. That is why Clinton has appropriated that 100's of millions of dollars for the training of local law enforcement and other federal agencies to prepare for attacks upon the 120 major U.S. cities in what they call NBC or Nuclear, Biololgical, and Chemical warfare and weapons of mass destruction supposedly to be perpetrated by international and DOMESTIC (ie. Patriots, Militia, Constitutionalists).

That is why I have designed the curriculum for the Disaster Emergency Medical training that will start in June 1998.

If Clinton can't get more "patsies" like Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVeigh to do his dirty work, and if he can't provoke Saddam Hussein and other crazy, violent Islamics to attack us U.S. citizens, then Clinton will have his "jack-booted" federal BATF, FBI, CIA, DEA, and FEMA thugs perpetrate these pre-planned attacks on us and blame it on international and DOMESTIC terrorists.

Then comes the martial law, the suspension of the Constitution and then the rounding up of the Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, and the Militia. That is why Clinton has pushed the Biosphere project and the Heritage Rivers Initiative (and he even enacted it with his illegal, immoral, UNConstitutional Presidential Executive Order last week because he could NOT get Congress to pass it).

Clinton has effectively taken 50% of the land of the United States and placed it under United Nations control and U.S. citizens can't even step on that land and property at the present time under penalty of law and severe prosecution. Clinton does not want civilians running away and trying to hide. Clinton is scrunching us closer and closer into the tight sardine cramped urban areas so the feds can locate and find us easily to round us up and transport us to his "Relocation Centers" (Civilian Concentration Camps).

Then after Clinton gets most of our guns away from us and has rounded up as many Patriots as he can, then he will have his feds release the NBC Nuclear (radioactive contamination), Biological (bacteria and viruses like Gulf War Disease, anthrax, botulism, boubonic plague [black death], HIV/AIDS, etc.), and the Chemicals (like nerve gas, serin gas, mustard gas [active ingredient in poison oak and ivy], blister gases, cyanide gases [Hitler used against the Jews in WWII concentration camps], phosgene gas and numerous others) against those Patriots whom he could not round up.

Well, let me end my introduction now and let you read the interview on this very same subject from an authority.

If you have any questions or comments please contact any name of this post for more information.

Your Born Again Christian Brother in Christ, Your Patriot in Arms, USCMIke1 Michael Johnson

HERE IS THE RE-POST BY of the interview by Steven Quayle with Mr. "C" a Military Inspector for the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff:

----------------- Forwarded Message: Subj: The double Cross. Date: 98-04-17 22:49:31 EDT From: To:

The double Cross

A transcript from OF, BY & FOR THE PEOPLE

GMN Ed. Note: We have no way to verify this story, but we can say that we began seeing these reports 20 years ago, and they are coming in much more closely together now, and are more detailed and more insistent. We know, of course, the New World Order crowd is up to no good. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearm ed. As watchmen of Israel, we feel it is our duty to pass these reports on, no matter how unpleasant they are.

The following is the edited transcript of the January 22, 1996, airing of Blueprint for Survival, with host Steven Quayle. Steve's guest was "Mr. C.," a former military officer working as an inspector for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. C. has personally inspected many of the mysterious military sites that are being erected around -our country. His experiences, insights, and warnings are a sobering wake-up call for those of us who haven't seriously undertaken our required physical preparations to defend ourselves against the coming dark age, under "The New World Order." Read and heed.

SQ: My guest tonight is "Mr. C," a former inspector for the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mr. C, give us a little background on yourself. How many years were you in the military and what are some of the things you did as you traveled around the world for the U.S. Government?

Mr. C: I was in the military for 22 years, and later went to work inside the government at one of the highest levels. I am a holder of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, three awards of the Joint service Medal, all the Vietnamese awards, as well as the Joint Meritorious Unit Medal. When I retired a couple of years ago, as the equivalent of a Field Grade Officer, I was awarded the Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal. I've been around world in thirty-seven different countries, have spent more than fifteen years overseas, and can con verse in five languages. the infrastructure is set up. The infrastructure is set up. They have concentration camps set up for resisters and dissidents. The "resisters" are those gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons, and the "dissidents" are the Christians, Patriots and Constitutionalists. These camps are set up, and I have seen them.

The 'RESISTERS' are those gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons, and the 'DISSIDENTS' are the Christians, Patriots, and Constitutionalists . It's not so much what I learn while I was in the government, but rather my understanding of govern- ment, as to how it operates, i.e., the budget system, etc., and being able to put bits and pieces together. The average person doesn't know how the government operates; but if you know how it operates, you can see that most of what they are doing today is absolutely unconstitutional.

SQ: ladies and gentlemen, I've asked Mr. C to deal specifically with the prison camps and the government's plans for dealing with the non-New World Orderites: Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, or whatever you call yourselves.

Feds & Police Not Exempt

Mr. C: First of all, the New World Order intends to double-cross the Federal Government people. All of you federal folks out there who are listening, I want you to know that I was a Federal official for thirty-one years. They will double-cross you. Under the New World Order plans, no American will be allowed to have weapons, and no American will be in any position of authority whatsoever. When you have finished your work for them, they will double-cross you. Be advised of that and understand it.

I briefed an FBI office on this, and one of the younger FBI fellows asked, "Do you mean to tell me that they are going to replace us with foreign cops?" That's right, I told him. then he asked me for a copy of the Vampire Killer 2000 book.

I have briefed several other VIPs, and one State Police Commander asked me a final pertinent question: "What are they going to do with us American policemen?" I told him they intend to take his gun away from him and put him in the same prisons they'll be putting the rest of us into.

Slave Camps

With that prelude, I will now go into the infrastructure that has been set up to incarcerate and execute Americans, and the locations used for these purposes. I have seen these facilities myself and have taken pictures of them. I have traveled about a hundred thousand miles around the country over the past two years, taking pictures. I can piece these things together. The average person will have a piece of the puzzle, but he won't be able to piece it together, unless someone is able to explain it and show it to him.

There are people listening who are new to all of this, but they will be able to say, "Wow, I saw one of those down the road!" or, "Hey, I saw that happening!" And their own experiences are the pieces that they have to the puzzle. For example, I was briefing a Chief of Staff to a Two-Star General, and I told him during the briefing that he would get a piece of the puzzle. When I got about one-third of the way into my briefing, he said, 'You know, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has taken over the Army Reserves." I told him, "yes, that's part of the puzzle, and it is unconstitutional for them to do that. A bureaucracy cannot control military forces."

There are two massive prisons at Camp Buckner, North Carolina, built side-by-side. One was built earlier, and the other was built only last year. The thing is about a half-mile square, is barb-wired, and has a helicopter control tower in the middle of it. (They plan to use helicopters for this whole strike force.)

Every military base has a stock-ade. At Seymour Johnson AFB you will find an empty. barb-wired Federal prison camp. There is another prison camp in Virginia, not too far from Warrington.

Everything that is being done in places like Bosnia or Somalia is going to happen here as well. Transfer Points

They have also set up what I would refer to as "transfer points." They have rail, ground and road transfer points. If you know what to look for, you can see them. For example, they are setting up "berms" alongside the roads, which are used to hide the choppers as they land. there is a berm set up at the prison facility near Warrington, Virginia, and directly across from it is a loading dock that is becoming overgrown with weeds. But when it is time to use them, the weeds and growth will shield everything but the rotor blades of the choppers from the road -- no one will be able to see what the choppers are unloading. Across the road is a railroad track, and across from the railroad track is the quarry. About a mile from there is the jail. If you know what to look for, you can spot them.

Death Camps

There is a death camp at Beech Grove, in the southeast quadrant of Indianapolis. There are ten maintenance barns at the Amtrak repair facility, that have received so much attention from Linda Thompson and Mark Koernke, that they have set up an open house tour of the place on the first Saturday of every month. You've got to know what you're looking for, if you get to go through the tour as I did. (An Amtrak guard told me that the guards there have even been issued black uniforms. He had his in his locker.) It is a 129-acre facility with fences on the outside, with the tops leaning inward. The second fence on the inside also has the fence tops leaning in. The windows of the buildings have been bricked up. Hence, you have three levels of security, for an Amtrak repair barn! There are three 25-knot helicopter wind socks (which are not the correct ones to use for chemical spills; you use 10-knot wind socks for chemical spills). These buildings, of this old 1910 facility, have had $6 million in repairs and upgrades. There are high security turnstiles, high security lighting, and signs which mark red and blue zones (we'll discuss the colors shortly). One of the barns is large enough to put four boxcars into, and there are vents on the top of the barn.

They're only going to handle category 1 and 2 (red and blue) people there; there will be no "green" people handled. This facility will be used for execution and maximum security.

That facility exists, and there are others around the country. Primarily you have to look for facilities with new fences (Ed. Note: particularly fences with barbed-wire tops that lean inward).

Prison Transfer Centers

SQ: Let's talk about the prison transfer centers. Obviously there is one at Oklahoma City, one at Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma), etc.

Mr. C: First of all, there are helicopter pick-up-points. If you'll notice, some of the rest stops on the Interstate Highways have been barricaded; those are set up for a different purpose. Here, you must have an operational mindset in order to understand what they are doing. Look for new fencing, hightech equipment, squad car gates, high-tech lights, etc. There are intermediate points, such as airports, with brand new metal fences around them, and buildings located down into woods, etc., where you can't see what they will be doing.

I've talked to a General Officer who has been to Oklahoma City and seen the Federal Transfer Facility there. I have pictures of it and have put the pieces together. They were forced, in April, 1995, to declare the facility, and they held an open house on April 4. On April 7, they admitted that they had a prisoner airline with twelve 747s operating out of 38 cities, with "feeder lines." These feeder lines are the 3,000 black helicopters that Bush signed over to the Treaty on Open Skies. The feeder lines will feed the transfer facility from the intermediate sites, if there is a declaration of martial law in a "national emergency" (and they will cause this to happen --there will be more "Oklahoma Cities" and "Arizona derailments," etc., until they can declare a national emergency.)

They will, at that point in time, bring their goons out of hiding (the foreign troops that they have hidden, by the thousands, in places all over the country). You can see these goons now if you're watching for them; I have many first-person reports, from all over the country, and I have even seen them myself, and taken pictures of them.

There are individuals who live in the mountains, who call themselves Russian "journalists." They are moles. These goons will come out of their holes, and they have lists of names of people in their respective territories who they are to start picking up.

Helicopter Communications

To control these helicopters, they must have a control network, where they can communicate without going through the FAA. I'm a pilot myself, and that's how I've figured this out. All around the country they have AWOS (Automatic Weather Observation System) towers, built by Scan Corporation. These are little towers alongside the road, which have a spinner on top with a couple of little canisters hanging off; sometimes they have a fence around them. It gives you a terminal weather forecast, all the weather information that the helicopter pilot has to have to operate. To access the terminal weather forecast on that tower (which has a telephone number) he has a cellular telephone system. There is a telephone number on the cellular telephone system that they can use to call the tower in the area they will operate in. The pilot must know the weather forecast at the terminal area he is going into. They call in on the cellular system and get the information they need; they do not have to call in with their chopped accents to the FAA Flight Service Station to get the weather forecast. Just last year, they banned all scanners from the cellular phone frequencies. You can understand what they are doing here; you can't hear the chopper pilots calling in to the AWOS towers.

"Red" list

The Category I "red" list includes those people who are to be picked up before unobtrusive preparations for martial law have taken place. They've got to pick off the leaders up front. You will be taken from your house, sneaked past the Sheriff's Department and the State Police, and taken to the cul-de-sac. From there you will be flown to the intermediate point, where you are loaded onto a big 64-passenger C-47 Chinook helicopter, all black, unmarked and illegally operating under the Treaty on Open Skies. Then they will fly you to one of the aforementioned 38 cities, where you will board one of those twelve 747s (or a 737, or a 727).

I know a General Officer who flew on one of these 727s, and it was flown by FEMA pilots. They are using our own people to pull this thing off. They have to use some of our own people now, because they can't get enough foreigners into position.

You may be taken straight to a camp -- you may not go to the Federal Transfer Center. When you are picked up on a "red" pickup, you will stay on the red route: you will not be taken off the red route. When you are red listed, you will be taken to a red camp. I'm not exactly sure whether they go all the way to Oklahoma City and then back to a death chamber, but you will be executed. there are no re-education plans for people on the red lists.

"Blue" list

At some point along the line, martial law will be declared. Then the blue lists will be picked up. The blue lists comprise those people who are maximum security risk, and who might be "re-educated."

The bunch that is doing all of this is operating out of the highest places in the Capitol of the United States. Every base has been covered. They have thought of everything. They've hardened the electrical company power facilities. If you go to York, South Carolina, you'll see that the fence tops are turned inward at the York, SC, Electrical Power Company yard. If someone is going to steal telephone poles, you would think that they would turn the fence tops outward. Any big fence you see that has been built recently is a possible detention/detainment facility, and they can execute there.. They probably have some sort of accountability program in order to insure that the right people are knocked off.

Amos 3:7

SQ: I'd like to make a statement here, before Mr. C. continues. I'm not here to entertain or to be a "talk radio personality." I'm here for one reason; and that is because the Living God has instructed me to shout it from the roof-tops. God is giving His people warnings. there are those people who want to go to prophecy conferences to see when the rapture is going to come (which I believe is not going to come), and hear all the peaceful prophets prophesying good news and glad tidings. I believe that Mr. C, who is also very much a man of God, has the same charge by the Holy Ghost: to warn you people out there, Christian and non-Christian alike, how this is going to happen. God doesn't do anything without revealing His secrets to His servants. Mr. C: Amos 3:7; that's right! Sometime back, around 3:00 in the morning, He said to me, "If you will call upon me, I will show you great and wonderful things that thou knowest not." I said, "Okay Lord, let me see what they are. "

Sound the Warning

Anyway, if you suspect that you may be on the red list, if you have had black helicopters over your house, or if you've been involved in these kinds of things, you need to have some form of communications, such as a cellular telephone. When they pull this thing off, they will have a limited time to pick up people.

They have routes to run.

However, they can't get everyone at the same time, so you need to have a recall roster, and I should be set up like a pyramid scheme. In other words, if you experience an attack on your place and you can somehow get on the phone you may still perish, but at least you can get the word out to someone down the road.

Once they declare martial law you'll know it's on, but there are guys who won't get any advance knowledge.

SQ: In your opinion, how long will it take from the time they launch the red list to the declaration of martial law? Will it be hours or days?

Mr. C: Probably days. I have no providential guidance on the time interim, but there will be a time in time.

SQ: One thing that the listener: need to see is that there is not going to be some future event where the invading troops are going to show up - they're already strategically placed here! Everything that the supercomputers can add to the equation has already been added in. They've already determined how many people are going to die, or. both sides. They've got it all figured out. They've got every stone covered - with the exception of the Rock that was cut out without human hands.

CALLER: Well, what chance do you two guys think you've got when all of this comes down?

SQ: I can put my hands in my pocket and thank God that He made me a man. I can yell out at the top of my lungs in prayer, that God's people will rise up. I may not have much of a chance, but I'll go down in history as someone who tried.

NOTE: Of, By and For the People newspaper is in the process: of obtaining the entire transcript Steve Quayle's interview with Mr. C

[America's Bulletin did not provide an address for Of By and For the People newspaper, so if inter- ested, please write them at the address below. - GMNA Ed.]

Reprinted from: The America's Bulletin, Dec. 96 % 3536 N Pacific Hwy. Medford OR 97501

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