Refuting the Camps: emails and other oddities


By Don Bradley




About twenty times a day, I get anything from outright silliness, to anger and hatred, but almost always the writer/caller resorts to name-calling. As usual, once I look at their so-called evidence refuting the camps, they reveal they have not, as expected, done their homework. Below is such a person who has "checked things out." Read his email, then go beyond that to my analysis and explanation following his. You’ll notice two things right away. I don’t call him names (though Jeff does that to me every day to anyone who will listen for three minutes) nor do I ever ASSUME ANYTHING. Watch closely, and he’ll soon reveal his I.Q.


[Received on 3-24-99]


Don, you posted some "information" about "concentration camps." I checked two of them out. The one in Fillmore is the Sheriff's Todd Rd. facility. The one in Glendale doesn't exist. My research notes are included.

 This message about Pearblossom - "this is a full-service facility, complete with gas chambers, moat, machine gun towers, and roving armed patrols" is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!.

 Who are you, and what is the point of posting this kind of ridiculous, unverified crap? Do you bother to check things out, or are you simply a rumor monger?

[the two paragraphs below are his "notes"]

2. FILLMORE, CALIFORNIA: Located on highway 126, this at first glance looks like an orange grove and is located on the North side of the highway. It sports guard centers, three--count em--three sets of fences, all pointing in, and some very nasty armed men who tell you to "mind your own business." This camp is huge. (805-524-2233/police - said it is Todd Rd Facility, administered by the Sheriff's Dept (805-654-5000/Ventura Clerk); (805-933-8501/Santa Paula Sheriff said it is 600 S. Todd Rd, Santa Paula,

and/or 805-654-3335


5. GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA: Right behind Brand Park, take the 5 interstate to Western Ave, then head north up the hill till you arrive at the park. Then take the road -- by foot -- by the doctor's house on the northwestern part of the park. Proceed up the hill to you reach the reservoir, which is in fact, a holding facility. When we were there last, there were five armed guards with M16s walking around. (818-548-3155/county clerk) Brand Library/548-4019, parks and recreation/Anna said there is no detention facility/548-2000/, police/548-4866

 [end of email]


As becomes obvious, his arguments are so persuasive, that I now realize that I’ve wasted all this time taking pictures, interviewing exiting Army and Guard personnel, and researching the construction, funding, and implementation of an enormous plan that was all my imagination. Gee, Dave, all I had to do was call the Sheriffs or Anna and they would have told me what’s what, eh?

 Let’s take his stuff on a point by point basis, as it tends to make issues clear and bring order and sense to the subject matter at hand. This method is not only sound, but is a good foundation for any researcher grounded in the sciences and who has had some miter of intelligent education under his or her belt.


  1. Once the directions—Right behind Brand Park, take the 5 interstate to Western Ave, then head north up the hill till you arrive at the park. Then take the road -- by foot -- by the doctor's house on the northwestern part of the park. Proceed up the hill to you reach the reservoir, which is in fact, a holding facilityare followed, you will come face to face with a dry reservoir. What makes this especially interesting to me is that back in 1981, my band mates and I (Glass Mirraj) used to take our ladies up there to write music, talk philosophy, and generally hike around the hills. In fact, on a water tank cover at the top of the hill and a half-mile towards the crest, you can still—to this day—find all our names carved on the wooden cover. For years, I have taken my beloved there for hiking and friends, too, as there is a Masonic memorial behind the reservoir that is the resting-place of Mr. Brand himself and his extended/deceased family. In 1995 we found that barbered wire had been put up, with the tops pointing INWARD to keep what? The sand below from escaping? Not so. The three times I have been there, two of those times, we met four armed parks men with full tactical gear. Karin Pekarcik is a witness to this(in fact, she has written an article about these experiences, but a certain radio personality, who was sent the article three times, claims "he never got it." )
    But gosh Davy…I should just ignore the physical and visual evidence of a definite TEMPORARY HOLDING CAMP (one of hundreds that happen to be springing up all over since November of 1998.) All I had to do is call the library down at the park and surely they would have admitted to the camp, right? Um, okay. The simple fact about a great many of these camps that Rense and his pals seem to want to ignore outright, is that most of them are simply HOLDING FACILITIES, meant only as simple stockyards for humans and little else. In fact, if you take the I5 freeway for 22.5 miles going east on the 126 highway, you’ll find a nice little holding facility in an orange grove.
  2. The facility in Santa Paula he mentions isn’t the one I am talking about, but it does bear comment regardless. Here’s why. In March of 1998, while scanning through a newspaper from Woodland Park, CO, I found an article in which the local Sheriff of that illustrious alpine city had announced that the following Monday, he was off to the CIA for 11 weeks of training with the SCHOOL OF AMERICAS (this is a training camp where the students are taught the fine art of torture and killing – check it out) and full espionage training with the agency—training, I would remind the reader, which is required of all field agents of the CIA; staffers don’t get this training, but then they don’t carry out orders to kill. I set the paper down and picked up the phone and called the newspaper. The woman answering the phone was panicky when I asked about the article. She said, "We weren’t supposed to print that, but one of the deputies there gives us tips and he gets free delivery." (Cops get all the breaks, don’t they?) Curious, I asked why. "Well," she replied, "it seems the Sheriff wasn’t supposed to talk about it." I thanked her for her time, hung up, and then called the Sheriff’s office and a rather gruff man answered the phone. I repeated to him, the same kind of questions I asked the newspaper staff-person. He then flatly lied. Said the Sheriff wasn’t receiving any kind of any such training and then started asking me who I was, where did I live, etc. I said that I would like to help the Sheriff with his re-election and would like to talk to him. "Oh. He’s going on vacation for three months, but you can talk to him when he gets back." Right. At this point, I called a friend who is ex-FBI and asked him about it all. John S. told me that the CIA has ALL POLICE CHIEFS AND SHERIFFS OF ANY CITY of a population of over ten-thousand to be indoctrinated into the agency, bar none. Most, it seems, are happy to get James Bond training, and usually they learn that when it comes to spy work, they are expected to cooperate with the Agency. (don’t you just love research, David?)
    The Chiefs and Sheriffs then become, for all manner of the sense, agents of the company. Support your local Sheriff takes on a whole new meaning, now, doesn't it?
  3. As I’ve stated in other articles found on our research site donated by someone who cares, we know an attorney in Colorado who is friends with someone whose law practice is mainly to help exiting Officers and enlisted men with their discharges. We were given these locations by men who never saw them, but knew of their purpose, No matter where we went—following their instructions—we found some kind of facility, and Always, always, with the fencing pointing inward.
  4. Histrionics and name calling aside, facts are facts. You can't get past physical evidence. Nope. Unlike all the hoopla over UFOs (habeas corpus, anyone?) these things you can touch with your hands, take pictures, and on a bad day, have a run in with various armed men. Like what happened with Terry, Karin, myself, and many others who have given affidavits to this effect. An affidavit is what it is - a sworn statement of facts. Photographs don't lie very much either, unless you are using a digital camera, and we always use film negatives.
  5. Dealing with the Sheriffs station. The Sheriffs, the Department of Water and Power in counties all over America have been quietly changing their facilities to not keep people from getting in, but to keep them from getting out. For example, in Texarkansas Arkansas, last year, all the fencing in the repair yard at that facility was pointing out, to keep people from breaking into the yard and messing with the cop's cars. Now, they are all pointing in. Not for insurance reasons, Jeff, but for something far sinister. All of these areas are going to be used by Our National Guard for something ugly.
  6. Jeff, and Davy, and company have explained that the fencing at the reservoirs at Pearblossom and the 5/405 junction, at first, was just a mistake! They didn't mean to point them inward, but had somehow just went and done it all wrong. Gosh! When pressed, then the new answer was - if you can believe this - "they did it to lower their insurance rates, because people were getting hurt climbing them." Hahahahahahahahahaha. The simple fact, after hearing that hot one yesterday, was me calling a baker's dozen fencing company's in the Los Angeles area about this reasons. EVERY ONE OF THEM LAUGHED AT THE IDEA!!! Mark at Allied Fencing was typical in the average response by saying that "It won't change your insurance and no fencing company who has ever put up a fence makes a mistake with the tops. If you want people out, point 'em out. Want to keep 'em in, point the darn things in." Thank you Mark, for clarity.
  7. My FBI friend says that because of all the hoopla from my disclosures, a directive has gone out to change the tops from pointing in to Y shapes. This way they point in and out at the same time. Watch these sites in the next few weeks and one morning, you'll notice the new tops with Y tops. Oh Yeah, and Jeff, Allied, Supreme, AAA, and a few others said to me that changing the fence tops of seven miles of fence would take about three weeks, not "a few hours" like you tried to have me believe. Jeff? Who are you working for, your fans or the government?


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