Refuting the camps: whose truth is true?


A researcher into camp claims



We live in the most interesting of times, especially for those of us who simply want to understand just what in the heck is going on in our world. Can it really be about fashion, a new car, and another reason to bomb into the Stone Age a people we know nothing about except what the government tells us? Looking into their shell-shocked faces on CNN, these hapless citizens of a foreign land don’t look like they deserve night and day carpet bombing missions.


It simply just occurred to me one day that our government was lying to us about why we needed to attack a people whose only crime was to either have oil we wanted to control, a canal, or a political ideology not inline with the CIA’s vision of a global cabal. We hear so much about the "terrorists" but no reason why these same anarchists want to tear down the USA. Could it be because we have done and are doing horrible things to their country?


If we will do to simple farm villagers every cruelty imaginable, what will we do to those here at home when our numbers become too many? What I mean is, thousands are finally waking up to America’s atrocity’s overseas and in our new consciousness, we are becoming quickly aware that there are issues here at home that need addressing as well.


Recently, a few brave individuals have started coming forward with information that is not only frightening, but bodes something so dark, so utterly incomprehensible as to warrant disbelief at face value. Though the reports have been bouncing around—mainly the Internet—for years, only starting in 1998 have the reports been verified. The reason for such verification is easy: physical evidence.




At first, it sounded bizarre, didn’t it? Camps…for American citizens? It’s insane! America doesn’t do that kind of thing, right? But when laid over the backdrop of a foreign policy that since the 1950s has been absolutely rotten in every moral sense, these camps no longer sound implausible—in fact, it makes perfect sense. We do it. We do it, a lot.

Wherever American Armies travel, camps can be found. You can find them in Argentina, Panama, Puerto Rico, The Balkans, and hundreds of other places where US forces rule and maintain puppet dictatorships in foreign lands. Thinking about it, the men and women who make the political decisions for us, whether we morally agree with those decisions or not, have no reason to alter their tactics when it comes to ruling with an iron fist here at home.


Since 1996, the White House, in complicity with Congress, has created dozens of laws completely erasing the US Constitution in every sense of the word. Now, with complete power they can arrest us without warrants, seize our properties without cause, and restrict our personal freedoms and THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO OR SAY ABOUT IT. EVER!


For myself, I had to know and see these Internment Camps with my own eyes. Even though I know full well what our State Department is capable of, without proof, I wasn’t simply going to start shouting from the rooftops that the sky was falling. So, with little fanfare, I started investigating the claims made by various religious persons and patriot groups regarding the camps. It didn’t take a year. It didn’t take a month. In fact, within the first two weeks, I had seen enough so that one day I drove into the mountains and cried for the inhumanity of it all.


I remember the Concentration Camps of World War II. Hideous structures so evil that to this day the energy about these places makes me physically ill. To think it all might happen again is too much to consider. Still, Americans needed to learn the truth and whether I was believed or not mattered little to me. Who could sleep knowing what was coming? Knowing what you know now, what would you have done, in 1936 when Adolph Hitler was waxing strong in power and ordering his SA to round up his political opponents...then the gun owners…and finally anyone who wasn’t of Nordic descent? Those that didn’t flee were exterminated. Hitler had the trains and ovens running night and day in over 1,300 camps spread across the European continent.


In 1998, what was only a hundred camps became three hundred here in the USA. Then, by early 1999, over seven hundred had now sprung up across the continent. With very few people standing behind me (I could count them on one hand, in fact) I decided to make public my research into these camps. The reaction was ferocious and immediate.


"Lair!" "Fraud!"


Though I presented physical evidence and locations of these camps, many that went to look at these structures have since reported, "they don’t exist!" Really? How do you explain the barbed wire pointing inward? The patrols monitoring the perimeter? And the surveillance? Why are these camps popping up everywhere? Why so many, and mainly around population centers? Why is the government using existing water reservoirs as a cover for these camps, which are in fact massive holding areas for those destined to be swept up under some fabricated National crisis?


Many people have visited these locations. Some were accosted by armed men and they have since come forward and are talking about these like I am. They all see the razor wire, the huge holding areas for citizens, the rail spurs for off-loading—just like the camps in Germany of long ago.


Still, the naysayers won’t look at this obvious physical evidence and see what you and I can see. It bodes the question: why?


The answer is off times too horrible, I think. To admit what you see is to admit that something dark is about to descend upon Canada and America. I understand. I do, really. But in the last analysis, the only thing denial does is allow the evil to prosper unopposed. Is that what you want for your children?

It's 1936 America and you now stand at a crossroads.




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