The media and Internment Camps


Don Bradley


As many already know, in March of 1999 I began to report and make public my research into America’s creation and staffing of internment camps. It no doubt won’t surprise anyone when I say that the media’s response to what should be one of the story’s of the century has been at best, lukewarm. Those who did respond—and not react—to this information were those print journalists already interested in so-called fringe topics not mainstream to the usual pabulum laughingly passed off as news on the nightly TV.

 Other journalists have checked my story for themselves and have proved the veracity of these reports, only to have various evening radio personalities who purport to check out the whole truth ignore them in favor of miscreants who haven’t even bothered to do the slightest research. Except for a few AM stations in the Southwest, this research so far can only be found on the Internet.

 Fortunately, a few newspapers and magazines have taken my research, have done their own homework, looked over the evidence and photographs, and are now planning to run their own stories in the next few months. Thank goodness. Because without such unbiased courage, what little time and freedom we have left to make our elected officials accountable for these offences against humanity would have come and gone with no awakening on the part of the masses.

 Some radio personalities have taken it upon themselves to purposely slander my name to discredit this research with their listeners. I expected that. I know it will only get worse. Considering how the last year of my life has been, this is the price for truth in a world where lies are the rule, not the exception. In the last 12 months, I’ve been threatened, attacked, burglarized, followed, and generally left for dead. There have been attempts on my life and on some of my coworkers who have worked with me on this project. Who would do such a thing? Our elected government.

 Thankfully, Art Bell has been, of late, discussing the camps on his show, even if off-handedly. Thank you, Art. You are saving lives. Every man, woman, and child who can learn the truth behind the camps has a chance to change their own destiny before it is too late.

 Some people, whose technology could blow this whole problem wide open, have done nothing because they are, in fact, cowards more concerned with being "left alone" than with taking a stand with truth and freedom. On the other hand, there are some women who are spending great amounts of time and money trying to go even further with this research than I ever intended. They have my undying admiration.


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