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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997
From: "Floyd N. Petri"
Subject: Re: IUFO: Concentration Camps... Testing

Well I have heard so much back and forth on this subject and have yet to see where anyone has given the answer to the question of how this applies to UFOs. I can not stand it anymore. Here is the answer. Executive Order has put FEMA in charge of the Military in the event of a National Emergency (We have been in a National Emergency since 1933 and Clinton has signed the order also as has every President before him since 1933). The plan is written up in current restricted military manuals (if you are smart you can get them).

The manuals also explain about code name "Garden Plot" or something like that ( I will have to go look it up to get the correct words) which is the rounding up of Civilians and putting them into concentration camps after FEMA has seized all civilian property in the Name of National Defense. All of this (manual names and numbers, Executive Order numbers, and etc including details of one Amtrack Train Repair Station turned into a Concentration Camp) is available in a video titled "America Under Seige" put out by Linda Thompson (a lawyer and ex military intelligence person).

The connection with UFOs is this: MJ-12 (I believe they now have a new name and more than 12 members) which is run by the Navy and who has a treaty with the Grays is going to stage an Alien Invasion in the near future (year 2000 maybe) in order to declair a National Emergency so that the President won't look so bad when he declairs martial law, suspends habeus corpus, suspends Congress and seizes all civilian property and has us good citizens rounded up and sent to concentration camps after seizing all our guns by executive order.

Find someone in the Headquarters of the NRA to get you a copy of Clinton's 15 year plan to disarm us all. Ever wonder how a president limited to two terms could have a 15 year plan? The military has been training on "urban warfare" around the country and especially at Fort Polk. They hire civilians to play the part of civilians in urban America so that the Army and foreigh troops can practice rounding you up and you know what? They get double for their money because they are training civilians to know how to be rounded up and transported.

They now carry the United Nations Patches in the military clothing sales store on post. If you have been watching the news on the tube over the past years you would have seen President Regan set the stage for this when he made his speech about putting our differences aside and becoming one world, one government and one peoples in the event of an invasion from outer space. Read Operation Vampire Killer 2000 put out by "Police Against the New World Order" to learn how all the media and politicians tie into the New World Order.

There I have said it and it's about time too. I even received a FEMA application to apply for Warden or Guard or something at the camps due to my past jobs which I am not going to discuss and I am not going to even bother answering any flames or crap like that. That will just put me back to being a lurker again and not tell you anything until I can't stand it any more again. And by the way why don't all those that say it can't happen in America and think all this is disinformation do a little research for a change instead of sticking your head in the sand. The answers are out there. You can go see the camps for your self and watch the black unmarked helicopters that do not exist come watch you when you show up. Oh I forgot to mention that Project Blue Book was a public relations operation and any real UFO information of the extraterrestrial kind went somewhere else ran by the Navy, not the Air Force.

On Mon, 29 Sep 97 11:39:00 PST writes:

Concentration Camps... Testing, one two three... testing...

I think that you and others need to be sure to keep a critical eye out before accepting the kind of thinking in the article below.

Now, how to relate this to UFOlogy? I don't know unless it has to do with consciousness and getting (and staying) hip to disiformation strategies, the shadow goovernment, and a clue as to how we got into this dismal condition in the first place. But here goes...

The main points I want to cover:

* Concentration camps in the US are not new. They are just undetected because we have other names for them in this country. We call them Japanese internment camps and Indian reservations and there are other even more subtle variants in this rich nation.

* Political imprisonment's are not new either. The war on drugs created a minimum of 1 mil- lion political prisoners. "Political" be- cause the war on drugs created a monopoly for the US cartels who have a tremendous black budget as a result of their practices.

* But what's new (at least newer than our al- ready record-breaking rate of imprisonment our own people is economic imprisonment. Indirect though it may be, the connection is clear.

* The good doctor needs a good dictionary.

-=> Quoting Elliemiser to Rainbow Sally <=-

EL: The following was submitted to Charmaine by Dr. B. Weeks and I feel it should be posted for those who would want to be aware of such goings-on. There ARE camps at the ready for whatever use they were designed for and I feel is important that we know of them. Ellie

No problem with that observation. They've been in place longer than we think and exist in several forms. One form is the obvious enclosed, guarded camps that Japanese Americans were imprisoned in during WWII... Another form (fitting the other half of the defin- ition) was demonstrated in the radiation tests on US citizens done in prisons, nursing homes, and boarding schools for r e t a r d e d CHILDREN--who though under age to serve militarily performed this heroic sacrifice for our country. Unbeknownst to themselves.

EL: Date: 97-09-25 00:33:58 EDT
From: "byron weeks"
The following information has been received from
Organization: The Malicious Militia
You may not know it,but the plans for a roundup of dangerous elements of our population have already been formulated. /EL

You talking about COINTELPRO? Or just the National Guard?

I've known about this since the anti-Viet Nam war demonstrations where I and another wacko peacenik fellow were curiously fired at by sheriffs for trying to put fires OUT at the Bank of America in 1971--the other fellow is dead [1]. But I didn't know where they were at the time. There were rumors that there was one at Vandenberg AFB even back then. But I didn't see the verification of this until more recently, and unfortunately I forget where I saw it. The project to build a new one or restore the old one at Vandenburg was called REX 84.

What is a prison camp? Would a converted barge qualify? Or a tent maybe? They are using these right now! There is no question that we are filling our prisons up with economic outcasts as big companies downsize. [2] Surprised? Why be surprised. Nobody misses 'em...

So here's another form of prison camp. There are 1.6 MILLION >Americans in prison right now. A Washington (AP) reported in 1980 that we led even South Africa in imprisonment of our people. The Soviet Union ranked third in overall incarceration. And back then (at the height of the CIA's crack trafficking in the inner cities) we only had a little over a million in prison. And that breaks down to 426 out of 100,000 residents imprisoned. One dacade later, there are 592 per 100,000 in prison. (And about two thirds of these prisoners are still being locked up for non-violent drug related offenses and the average age is falling.)

And how did you expect this mass imprisonment to happen? Were you expecting an...

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now collecting guys wearing white hats and putting them in slave labor camps...


I am overjoyed that people are getting ahead of the curve at last. Some of us have been waiting 200 years or more for the informed public to perform its duty--to become informed. But how accurate are these reckless neophytes with those firesticks? I fear that Constitutional Fundamentalists will NECESSARILY be divided. And conquered. Because under the establishment fascists we'd at least retain the MEANS to correct the problems politically rather than through corporate-CIA fed destroyers.

Shades of the KKK. The top levels certainly aren't the dummies. They know what they want and how to get it without even getting their own hands dirty. And if they control both poles of the conflict, well... What does "order from chaos" mean to you?

Our government clearly has already been taken over. To understand this we don't even need the two Kennedy's getting blown away, the Zapruder film ending up locked up in LIFE's vault (not generating any return on the $100,000 investment until its forced release under FOIA) Eisenhower's warning about the military-industrial complex, and so forth.

The UFO cover up says it all.

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