Alleged Internment Camps

Revised 1/4/98

Location 1: Sheridan, Oregon; FEMA detention center
Status: Under construction on 12/23/97.

Location 2: Portland, Oregon
Status: reports that rail boxcars are being built in Portland, Oregon by FMC corp that are prisoner transport cars with 144 shackle stations per car.
Additional: A man I knew was murdered last year because he went to the yard and reported to anyone who would listen about the cars.
Additional: There is a Main Battle tank in a state maintenance storage shed at the top of Stevens pass on highway U.S. 2 in Washington. We have people that took pictures of the tank.

Location 3: Umatilla, Oregon
Comments: Prison cells spotted. I was traveling to Seattle from Spokan [Washington]. I was in the canyon just west of Vantage, WA. I came upon a truck going rather slowly up the hill. So I passed the truck. As I passed the truck I got a good look at what he was carrying. It was a concrete box about 27 x 12. I cold see from my side two windows with bars.

At the top of the hill there is a rest stop so I waited for him hoping he would pull in, he did. I was able to talk with the driver. I asked him what he was hauling and he told me it was a prison cell. I then asked him where he was going to deliver the cell to. The only thing he told me was he was heading to Umatilla, Oregon.

I did not have a camera with me or I would have taken pictures. I contacted M.O.M. and told my story to them. I almost forgot the cells are being mfg. in Cashmere, Wa. We now have pictures of cells leaving the contractors yard.

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