25 Million Body Bags


Sam Foster


 Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any sicker, it was recently discovered (and announced on Art Bell's show 3-19-99) that your government - the UsofA - has ordered 25 million body bags. The country's second largest manufacturer of these products, DOW Chemical, has now confirmed this order as taking place in August of 1998.

Did you or do you understand the depths of that statement?

That quantity, 25 million, is ten times more than all those men and women killed in all US wars COMBINDED! (Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, 1812, Revolution, Spanish American War)

The only answer possible is civilian casualties. How could this government, or any government, predict an event that could possibly cause that many deaths? The answer? They can't, unless they are creating the event themselves.

No, it's not nuclear war, because that doesn't leave much in the way of bodies.

You see…when you murder people in gas chambers or in summary executions in the field say, in a city like Los Angeles, you need to store the body so that germs don't spread. Hence, the bag.

May His Wisdoms guide you in this time of peril.

 They are coming…they are coming quickly. Do not hesitate at the moment of truth.

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