US and Canadian Internment Camps


By Don Bradley


In late fall 1997, I began hearing reports from numerous sources about the secret proliferation of civilian labor camps being quietly built and staffed across the hinterlands of America. Regardless of the source, each report had a ring of truth to it. I heard it from schoolteachers, truck drivers, officers of the Armed Forces, and from many fringe journalists who were watching the "doings" of our government. As an amateur historian, I knew full well what the implications, if true, of such claims might mean to this country and decided—at full risk to my career and personal safety—to take a few weeks to investigate these claims for myself. That "few weeks" turned into 14 months.


Sadly, my research quickly proved the reports not only accurate, but staggering in dimension and scope. At first, I could only find about 120. Then, to my amazement, I started finding camps springing up overnight in places (a few weeks prior) that were not before. Armed men watch over these camps. On dozens of occasions, I found myself confronted with fellows carrying MP5s (a small, tactical machine pistol) who ordered me out of the area and then followed me for several miles.


While researching these camps, my home was burglarized several times, my phones tapped, and I was warned on several occasions to "mind my own business," by some very serious men from the FBI. Soon, anyone I spoke with began having the same experiences. To this day, I cannot go anywhere without a box-surveillance (a tactical team of agents who follow your every move) moving with me. There have been four attempts on my life. I haven’t been home since January 12th of this year, living as I do on cash, going from one hotel to another.


As I gathered more locations and photographs, I also uncovered a great many documents that proved there was a general plan to these camps. Through a series of Executive Orders passed since 1996, our government has been laying plans for Martial Law and the removal of freedoms not seen on this planet since the time of Adolph Hitler.


In addition to the camps, I discovered that our government placed an order for 25 million body bags (DOW Chemical), thousands of rail cars with foot and leg shackles (Gunderson Steel Works), and was secreting thousands of Russian troops in the various biospheres (Blue Ridge Mountains) put up a few years ago in place of many of our National Parks, and several hundred thousand troops sitting not twenty miles of the Arizona border in Mexico. Waiting.


Since I have started going public with these facts—all 100% provable—my publishing houses have dropped me, my studio work as disappeared, radio and TV shows that used to have me on a regular basis no longer return my calls, and many of my friends have quietly slipped into the background. I understand. Facing the Beast takes courage few people possess. Many times, I question my continued labors in these directions and then the smiling face of a child appears in my thoughts and I realize if we can save just one life….


On the web site, I have placed over 465 research documents to prove these claims that your government is planning a horrific and wholesale slaughter of its population. If someone printed all these documents, the pile of paper would stand 27 inches high.


Why would our government do this? Because there are powerful men who have, for years, been slowly planning to "control the world." In order to do that, they need to eliminate anyone and everyone who might stand in their way. Who might that be? Anyone who won’t accept a barometric chip injected under his or her skin and who won’t "fall into line" once their version of a Brave New World comes to pass. It’s a world few of us would want to live in.


In the next installment, I will provide locations and additional photographs of these camps.


Part one of three



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